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musicvideocaps's Journal

Music Video Screencaps
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A community of screencaps from various music videos.



xx. Only captures of music videos are allowed here. Any other caps (including movies, TV shows, etc.) can be posted and found at cap_it.
xx. Only one artist/video per post.
xx. Place the artist's name & song name (ie. Artist - Song) in the subject line of the post.
xx. When posting caps, please keep dial-up users in mind. You may include some samples in your post, but PLEASE zip the entire set and upload them somewhere, OR put them in a photogallery for people to view.
xx. Post all cap samples in an LJ-cut. An LJ cut is as follows: <lj-cut text="your cut text here">sample caps here</lj-cut>
xx. If you want to fill any requests, they're all here.
xx. Please do not post caps that have already been posted. If you're unsure of what's already been posted, check the memories.


xx. Don't hot-link/direct-link.
xx. Follow the rules set for each specific set of caps (ie. if the capper wants credit, credit them).
xx. If you take anything, comment and let the capper know what you took.


xx. Post all requests here. Requests found elsewhere, ESPECIALLY request posts in the community itself, will be deleted.
xx. Check the memories before making a request, to make sure those caps have not already been posted before.

All caps in the memories are categorized alphabetically by the artist/band's [first] name. Some memories have been imported from cap_it's memory database, and have been fully credited. Please follow their rules in addition to ours when using caps from that community.